3 Tips for Young Adults Entering New Work Cultures

By Nicole George

Tim Knight, CEO and founder of Focus3Culture, told Baton Exchange that three key things make up work cultures. The first is what people believe, which determines part two--how people behave. Based on how people behave is how you reach part three, which is what experience is delivered to others at work.


Millennials Must Be Patient and Resourceful in the Workplace and Beyond

By Nicole George

Dr. Tim Elmore, a leading authority on the millennial generation and preparing leaders for the future, has an insightful view on the character necessary for young workers to succeed as they enter the workplace. In “Eight Timeless Qualities Millennials Must Cultivate,” he lists the following as timeless character traits we need to create a stable workplace and become good leaders.

Your Workplace Ministry of Building Bridges

By Nicole George

I heard an interesting statement on a Knoxville Christian radio station today. The radio DJ said something along the lines of, "Some of you hate being the center of attention while some of you love it. Some of you are extroverts and some of you are introverts. But it doesn't really matter because you're all called to do the same." And then the DJ began to quote one of my favorite verses.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16 NIV

How "Who You Know" is a Gift

By Nicole George

I just graduated from Miami University. Like a number of fresh millennial graduates, I have no idea what is ahead. I am working this summer as a digital media intern in Tennessee, but after that, the unknown will be an open adventure.

While I was in school, I found it frustrating that many acquaintances and friends got internships and jobs based on who they knew. I’m finding, though, that my experiences have been quite similar. There are always exceptions, but I think half my jobs have been found and acquired because I knew the right person. I just never realized this before. Last week, I learned that the people I know and who others know does not have to be a frustration to me, but a source of joy and satisfaction in God.


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