Seasoned Advice from guest Brad Russell

By Nicole George

This week I got to interview Brad Russell, a modular specialist at Clayton. He has been with Clayton since 2002 and shared excellent advice with me far beyond these coupule of interview questions. After leaving Clayton for other companies and seeing different work cultures, he returned in 2002 and calls himself a "lifer." I was thankful to meet him and hear about how he views workplace ministry and setting an example. He's thankful to plant seeds, begin conversations with coworkers and provide support for them and his family.*

Why Competency is More Than Your Training

By Nicole George

A key dimension of a worker is his competency. Baton Exchange’s training videos explain competency even further, but basically, competency isn’t just the skill and training someone has already acquired. It is a combination of knowledge and skills. Combining understanding and training results in the ability to get things done the right way in a rapid manner.

Millennials Must Be Patient and Resourceful in the Workplace and Beyond

By Nicole George

Dr. Tim Elmore, a leading authority on the millennial generation and preparing leaders for the future, has an insightful view on the character necessary for young workers to succeed as they enter the workplace. In “Eight Timeless Qualities Millennials Must Cultivate,” he lists the following as timeless character traits we need to create a stable workplace and become good leaders.


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