Huxley, Orwell and Christian Engagement

By Nicole George

The reality is that we live in an age where “anything goes.” You may not see that directly around you, or maybe you do, but violence, racism, drug addictions and other culture damaging behavior runs rampant while some of the most privileged people turn a blind eye to it. Many of the people living in the midst of crazy don't know it or don't do anything about it.

Guiding Godly Principles For Your Money

By Nicole George

There is a young woman at my church who works for our college ministry who will attend medical school next year. At least that’s her plan. It wasn’t exactly her plan to volunteer in ministry for a year because she imagined herself going into the work field to earn money to give to missionaries. I myself imagined the opposite for me. I highly considered going into the mission field after school and instead, I have the blessing of working to earn money to support missionaries like her! Funny how things like that work out.

Throwback Thursday: The Impact and Purpose of Our Lives

by Estera Pirosca

Originally published October 10, 2010 for WAM House

Chapter 10 from the book Your Work Matters to God brings forth an interesting distinction – finding God’s will and the idea of calling. In terms of finding God’s will, according to the authors, God is “a volitional Being, who from eternity chooses in a way that accomplishes His purposes and honors His nature and character” (p. 133).

Why We Pray Persistently at Work

By Nicole George

My New Year’s resolution is to do something crazy every single week of 2017. I’ve gotten my first two done so far: purge my closet and delete Netflix from my computer. Yikes. It’s already been a whirlwind for this millennial.

I haven’t even come up with all 52 crazy things for my year yet, but I’m super excited for my list. And also kind of scared.

There are two friends of mine on my “52 weeks of crazy” list that work at the same company as me. They’re on my list because I really desire to share the Gospel with them and given their situations, that feels a little bit crazy. 

What is Stewarding Your Wealth: Some Practical Ideas

By Nicole George

One of my favorite hobbies at the end of the day is working out with friends from work. It’s a time where the guys invite me in and we have compelling conversations that work hours or other peers just don’t make room for. Yesterday for example, two of them asked me, as they did hamstring curls and squats, how I spent my money.

We started talking about where our money disappears to, had a resounding agreement on groceries costing more than we expect each week, and then they gave me the weirdest look when I brought up tithing. One of the guy’s girlfriend also tithes and I could tell he didn’t understand the practice.

“How else do you think churches will operate?” I asked.

“God,” he said quite simply.

I smiled wryly and said, “Well a pastor has to eat too.”

And then we started talking about investments. 

Throwback Thursday: The Drive That Both Propels and Torments

By Kevin Aschliman - a repost from July 25, 2009

My entire life has been focused around something I call hard work. For some reason, I was created to work insanely hard at whatever task lay ahead. I’ve had a drive inside me all my life to work and earn.

At the age of 9, yeah I wrote nine, years old I started my own lawn mowing business. No big deal right?

Get Ready for Graduation Now - Killing Sin In College

By Nicole George

If you’re a Christian in college right now preparing to transition to the workplace once you graduate, it’s time to start killing your sin. Why?

I hope that God’s hate for your sin is a good enough reason. He hates sin so much that he sent his only son Jesus into the world to die for your sin because only death could pay the weight of your sin.

If that’s not enough, I’ll say that killing idols and bad habits only gets harder once you graduate.


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