New Year, New Chance to Blossom

By Nicole George

As a new round of leaders gets ready to find jobs once they graduate in about 5 months, I can recall how I felt this time last year. I began freaking out because no job opportunities had popped up in my realm yet and I had two housemates who already had good job prospects. In came the panic.

Throwback Thursday: The Drive That Both Propels and Torments

By Kevin Aschliman - a repost from July 25, 2009

My entire life has been focused around something I call hard work. For some reason, I was created to work insanely hard at whatever task lay ahead. I’ve had a drive inside me all my life to work and earn.

At the age of 9, yeah I wrote nine, years old I started my own lawn mowing business. No big deal right?

Get Ready for Graduation Now - Killing Sin In College

By Nicole George

If you’re a Christian in college right now preparing to transition to the workplace once you graduate, it’s time to start killing your sin. Why?

I hope that God’s hate for your sin is a good enough reason. He hates sin so much that he sent his only son Jesus into the world to die for your sin because only death could pay the weight of your sin.

If that’s not enough, I’ll say that killing idols and bad habits only gets harder once you graduate.

Decisions and Ethics in the Workplace

By Nicole George

So basically my job is to make a product sound really amazing.

Is my company’s product amazing? Well, I do think some of the products my company makes are! There are certain homes we sell that I would buy in a heartbeat. They’re actually quite stunning inside.

But not all of our homes are quite so extravagant. So how do I make a less-amazing product sound just as amazing? Here’s where ethics comes in and why I appreciate the company I work for.

My Transition to the Workplace: Part 5

By Nicole George

As I began to write this post, I didn’t have words for my transition. I just knew that life with a full time job and managing bills and friendships feels very average and normal. Every time I have to visit a doctor or dentist, my feeling of being an adult is a little rocked, but all the same...I feel like a rather average adult now.

I remember that during this time my first year of college, I was anticipating Thanksgiving which meant getting my wisdom teeth out and being almost done with my first semester. Instead, this is just the beginning with no specific end in sight.

The Challenge and Value of Finding the Right Community

By Nicole George

I’ve said it before, but I’ve been blessed to find a friend group and a church community very quickly in my transition to working full time in a new place. But lately I’ve been delving deeper into the value of deep Christian community versus the community of friends I have otherwise.

To sum up my community of friends outside of church, let’s just say it’s like watching a sitcom. Particularly a sitcom named “Friends.” Enough said—we’re a hot mess.


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